ER1.2 Tour Blade

ER1.2 Tour Blade

Ein Blade im klassischen Style mit den revolutionären Evnroll Grooves


Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage nach einem Evnroll Putter im "Anser Style" wurde der ER1.2 Tour Blade entwickelt. Ein Evnroll Putter mit klassischem Hosel, der mit einem dünnen Pistolgriff geliefert wird.


Konform mit den Regeln der R&A und USGA und somit turnierzugelassen.


Für Rechtshänder erhältlich.


Versandkostenfreie Lieferung nach Deutschland und Österreich.


Variante ER1.2B Tour Blade Black: Diesen Putter gibt es mit den identischen technischen Daten auch in einer komplett schwarzen Special Edition (schwarzer Putterkopf, schwarzer Schaft, schwarzer Griff, schwarzes Headcover) für 459 €. Bei Interesse sende uns bitte eine Nachricht über das Kontaktformular.

  • Details

    • Entwickelt und hergestellt in Carlsbad, Kalifornien, USA
    • Putterkopf aus 303 Stainless Steel
    • Farbe: Silber Satin Finish
    • Länge und Kopfgewicht: 35"@340g, 34”@355g, 33”@370g
    • Loft: 2 Grad
    • Liewinkel: 70 Grad
    • Balance: 35 Grad "Toe Down"
    • Evnroll Pistol Griff
    • 100 Gramm schwerer Griff für "Counter Balance" Effekt

  • Sonderanpassungen

    Individuelle Anpassungen hinsichtlich Schaftlänge, Griff, Loft und Lie sind bei diesem Artikel gegen Aufpreis möglich. Wir empfehlen hierzu den Besuch bei einem unserer Evnroll Stützpunkthänder. Alternativ kannst Du hier im Webshop über den Artikel Customize Optionen Deinen angepassten Evnroll Putter direkt bestellen.

  • Bewertungen

    Feel & Distance Putting is Sublime
    Review by Thomas Quarrell
    Recently purchased the EVNROLL ER1,2 TourBlade & all I can say is Wow & thank you Guerin Rife !
    After being a loyal Scotty Cameron Buff for years & being a person who appreciates quality, all I can say is I am glad I personally made the switch.
    This putter is beyond doubt the nicest feeling & most consistent putter for distance control I have ever used & has brought confidence back to the poorest part of my game thats been plaguing me for years.
    Purchased with a pre-fitted Gravity Grip after testing, I found it not as comfortable at first to the Normal grip, but it made a big difference to my stroke now fully comfortable after plenty of use.
    (Posted on 11/6/2020)

    Review by MD
    I have it now
    (Posted on 9/6/2020)

    Very consistent!
    Review by Labs
    This putter has a great feel to it and suits my eye but the consistency on distance has been the biggest impact on my game. Love this putter!!!
    (Posted on 6/30/2019)

    You will be closer!
    Review by JC
    Picked up my ER1.2 three weeks ago. All I can say, is that when I look up, the ball is rolling where I aimed it. It seems to get a really good roll going. All the 'feels' are great too, but that's not the story. I've had all the putters that feel good before, and confused feel with results. I'm closer than before with this and I trust it to roll on line. Great work EVNROLL!
    (Posted on 6/15/2019)

    Review by TroyGolfMate
    Consistently rolls the ball close to, if not in, the hole. Confidence, not only strokes, gained.
    (Posted on 5/21/2019)

    Review by SomeYoungGuy
    Simply put, this is the best putter I've had in my hands. off center hits still drop, I love that!
    (Posted on 5/9/2019)
    Stellar putter!!
    Review by See Z
    Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron, etc, the Evnroll technology blows them all away. The 1.2 will is the best putter I’ve tried and the face technology is game changing for any handicap golfer
    (Posted on 3/31/2019)

    Love it!!!
    Review by Tony P
    Only way I’m replacing my ER1.2 is with a all black ER1.2.
    (Posted on 12/29/2018)

    Strokes Gained? Yes.
    Review by Nate
    This putter rolls. Puts the ball in the hole better than any other putter I'd ever used. Thanks Guerin.

    (Posted on 9/3/2018)


    Exceptional Feel And Roll
    Review by Jeff
    I’ve had a Scotty Cameron in my bag for the past 14 years because of looks, feel, and probably a bit of hype. It was time to make a change, and after putting around with every model at The Golf Mart I was drawn to the EVNROLL. I went back home and started doing some research and watching YouTube videos learning about “The Sweetest Face” technology and Geurin Riffe. I then went back 3 days in a roll to putt and compare it to the ones I had narrowed down just to make sure it stood out from the rest and it did. The ER3 is what I had picked out for my fitting at EVNROLL in Carlsbad, but wanted to give the new ER1.2 TourBlade a try when I got there.
    I started out with the ER3 and made just about everything I hit. The I rolled the ER1.2, still made the same amount if not a touch better. I liked the look at address better and the feel felt a bit softer and solid.
    Justin was my fitter and he did a very thorough job getting my new ER1.2 perfect. I would highly recommend getting fit for your new EVNROLL as it does make a difference.
    This is by far the best pure feeling and performing putter I’ve ever rolled. Do yourself a favor, stop reading here, get in your car and try one out!
    (Posted on 7/18/2018)


    Best putter I’ve ever had by far
    Review by Drew
    I’ve used a lot of different putters including many of the top brands used on the PGA Tour, and I can say without a doubt I’m a better putter with my ER 1.2. As soon as I put it in play I have seen a significant improvement in both my speed control and my ability to hit my intended line. I’ve made more putts and have shot some of the best scores of my life just since switching to the ER 1.2. I could not be happier with my purchase!
    (Posted on 6/12/2018)

    Best putter I’ve ever had by far
    Review by Drew
    As a low handicap player I’ve been searching for something that
    (Posted on 6/12/2018)

    Evnroll Staying in My Bag
    Review by Eric
    The Evnroll ER1.2 takes the blade putter to a whole new level with the Sweet Face Technology grooves and premium milled head. In sum, I've never felt more confident and comfortable putting than when I have my ER1.2 in my hands.
    (Posted on 6/12/2018)

    ER1.2 TourBlade
    Review by Geogolf
    I have played golf for 40+ years and always putted with a conventional plumbers neck putter (Ping, Titleist SC, etc.). After researching the reviews on the Evnroll Putter, I contacted them and they said the plumber neck was being designed. I waited one year and it was definitely worth the wait. The ER1.2 Putter is so well balanced and the consistency of the roll is unbelievable. I would highly recommend this putter if you want to make more putts!!
    (Posted on 6/7/2018)


    Best putter out there for 2018 and for future years!
    Review by mikeyismyname
    Got fitted for this putter at the Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. My Fitter, Justin, was very knowledgeable and configured the ER1.2 to fit me perfectly. Just took it out today and I was dead on on my putting line for my round. Contact felt soft at impact and the overall look is great! I ended up getting pistol grip as it is easier for me to control the putting stroke.
    I recommend getting this putter but if you have the chance get fitted for it at the Carlsbad location.
    (Posted on 3/26/2018)


    very impressive, makes sense to me
    Review by Russel
    Awesome impressive logical great results saves strokes lowers scores Thank You for the video and I would like to purchase one as soon as available
    (Posted on 2/24/2018)


    Pure roll
    Review by Gary Alford
    Without doubt the roll on the ball is pure without any hopping off the putter face.
    And a consistent roll off any part of the club face.
    (Posted on 2/17/2018)
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