ER2 Mid Blade

ER2 Mid Blade

Unser Mid-Blade Testsieger und Bestseller.


Ein Putter im Half-Blade-Design mit den revolutionären Evnroll Rillen (Grooves) für gerade Putts und praktisch identischen Roll, auch bei nicht mittig getroffenen Bällen.


Konform mit den Regeln der R&A und USGA und somit turnierzugelassen.


Für Rechtshänder und Linkshänder erhältlich.


Versandkostenfreie Lieferung nach Deutschland und Österreich.


Sollte eine Variante hier als "Ausverkauft" gelistet sein, nehmen wir Vorbestellungen gerne über das Kontaktformular entgegen.


Bist Du ein Centershaft-Fan? Dieses Modell ist auf Bestellung auch als Centerschaft-Version ER2CS verfügbar. Aufgrund der geringen Nachfrage nach Centershaft-Puttern haben wir das ER2CS-Modell nicht separat aufgeführt. Bei Interesse sende uns bitte eine Anfrage über das Kontaktformular. Danke!

  • Details

    • Entwickelt und hergestellt in Carlsbad, Kalifornien, USA
    • Putterkopf aus 303 Stainless Steel
    • Farbe: Silber Satin Finish
    • Länge und Kopfgewicht: 35"@340g, 34”@355g, 33”@370g
    • Loft: 2 Grad
    • Liewinkel: 70 Grad
    • Balance: 22 Grad "Toe Down"
    • Evnroll TourTac White Griff, Durchmesser ca. 3 cm
    • 90 Gramm schwerer Griff für "Counter balance" Effekt

  • Sonderanpassungen

    Individuelle Anpassungen hinsichtlich Schaftlänge, Griff, Loft und Lie sind bei diesem Artikel gegen Aufpreis möglich. Wir empfehlen hierzu den Besuch bei einem unserer Evnroll Stützpunkthänder. Alternativ kannst Du hier im Webshop über den Artikel Customize Optionen Deinen angepassten Evnroll Putter direkt bestellen.

  • Putter-Abo

    Neu: Diesen Putter gibt es auch im Abonnement!

    - Nur 29 € monatlich für das Evnroll Modell Deiner Wahl
    - 6 Monate Mindestlaufzeit
    - Monatlich kündbar nach Ablauf der Mindestlaufzeit
    - Wechsel zu einem anderen Evnroll Modell jederzeit möglich*

    * Nach Ablauf der Mindestlaufzeit ist es jederzeit möglich, zu einem anderen Evnroll Modell zu wechseln. Verfügbarkeit vorausgesetzt. Nach einem Wechsel startet die Mindestlaufzeit erneut. Die Kosten für den Hin- und Rückversand trägt der Abonnent.

    Das Angebot richtet sich an Kunden mit Versandanschrift in Deutschland oder Österreich.

    Es können nur Standardmodelle/-längen aus dem Evnroll Sortiment Deutschland/Österreich abonniert werden, d.h. der Putter muss in der Konfiguration aus dieser Webseite zu kaufen sein. Für Custom-Putter wird kein Abo-Modell angeboten.

    Die Kündigung kann vorab per E-Mail an gerichtet werden. Maßgeblich ist jedoch immer der Eingang der versicherten Rücksendung an Evnroll Putter Vertrieb, Oliver Schröder, Engerstr. 94, 47800 Krefeld, Deutschland.

    Normale Gebrauchsspuren am Putter („gebrauchsmäßige Abnutzung“) sind unproblematisch. Starke Abnutzungsspuren durch unsachgemäße Nutzung/Lagerung, starke Lackschäden und Defekte (alles, was nicht durch eine Aufbereitung zu beheben ist) müssen vom Abonnenten getragen werden.

    Aktuell ist das Putter-Abo Modell ausschließlich mit Kreditkartenzahlung möglich.

  • Bewertungen

    March 27, 2021
    Best putter I’ve used. Tried All kinds of Scottys and boutique putter bands custom and not. Once you get used to the distance difference and not having a shaft lean with the loft and gravity grip it’s the best putter around.

    Jason Magri
    Review by Jason Magri
    Ordered an ER2 based on trying one at my local golf shop. I was in between the ER2 and the ER5, which both felt great. Based on esthetics, I preferred the ER2. I ordered it with the gravity grip based on the advice from Alan at Evnroll, which was very knowledgeable. I went to pick it up tonight and also get fitted for lie/loft. The salesman, a friend of mine, took me in the back when they do the SAM lab fittings. I putt 20 balls and made 70% of them from 10-12 feet. The ones I missed were misread. My salesman said I think you picked the right putter based on how many putts you made. He said it sits on the ground perfectly and seen no need to adjust lie/loft. It basically felt like it swung itself based on the head/grip combo. I know this putter will shave 2-3 strokes a round for me once I get acclimated to it. Hope to keep this in the bag for many years to come. I’m 5’11 and included my putter specs below, in case someone reads this and needs help deciding.34 inch/370 grams/ER2/Black and Gray Gravity Grip
    (Posted on 9/25/2020)

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Review by SD64
    Posted my initial review in early 2018 where I had averaged 1.81 putts per hole in 2017.
    Now after 20 rounds in 2019 my stats are even better. My ARCOSS is showing I Averaged 29.5 putts per round, 1.7 putts per hole & 1.9 putts per GIR. My 3 putt % is 3.2% which is ONE 3 putt every 36 holes ! That’s $. Lol.
    I’ve since installed a stability tour shaft and shortned to 32.5 from 33 inches. Swingweight is now E0 after putting some lead strips on the sole. Perfect weight for me. Mine has the heavier 385 gm head which is no longer available, love the weighting. I’ve tried the ER6R and ER8 and neither of them “feel” the same as the ER2 The waiting of the ER2 for me is perfect. One day I will buy a backup ER2 maybe the Black version just in case something happens to my Gamer Cheers Stephen D.
    (Posted on 9/25/2020)

    2nd review, my ER2 Is amazing
    Review by SD64
    I absolutely agree with most reviewers this is a GREAT putter, I purchased mine about a month or so ago and played 15 rounds with it and am impressed with the feel, distance control and overall confidence it brings on short 3-5 foot putts. This will stay in my bag for a long time. Very happy customer!
    (Posted on 9/12/2020)

    Evnroll ER2
    Review by Dannyboy
    I absolutely agree with most reviewers this is a GREAT putter, I purchased mine about a month or so ago and played 15 rounds with it and am impressed with the feel, distance control and overall confidence it brings on short 3-5 foot putts. This will stay in my bag for a long time. Very happy customer!(Posted on 9/12/2020)

    Review by Proshop3356
    ER2 MidBlade 35” with standard grip…I have NEVER had a putter feel so natural from the moment I picked it up. Putts roll true and on my intended line. Longs ones, short ones, and all those in between. Looks good at address and gives confidence which we all know is half the battle.
    (Posted on 6/10/2020)

    Rolls better than anything.
    Review by Ben
    I moved from a Scotty Cameron blade to this and I am just more consistent with my speed and striking which is leading to making more putts. It’s pretty incredible how advanced these putters are and it’s not a gimmick at all. There are a few tour pros who use these and I hope more starting using them for more exposure. These are incredible putters and you should give it a shot
    (Posted on 4/27/2020)

    Final Putter
    Review by Chuck
    Been trying different putters for the last 30 years. As soon as I tried the ER2 , that was it. Been sinking putts like a mad dog. This is the last putter I will buy. Selling the rest sitting in the garage. Thanks. Evnroll.
    (Posted on 1/30/2020)

    Truly Awesome Putter!!!!
    Review by glfr4life
    I bought the ER2 model month and a half ago. Previously I have never been able to hit the curvature of my putting lines that I see because of inconsistencies in ball speed off of other putters. This is the only putter I have ever used that the ball stays on my putting line. I make more putts than I ever have. Even from longer distances too 15-25 feet. I also dont hit the middle of the face either. This putter does what it claims. I have made putts where I know I have mishit the putt from 10+ feet out. I will never buy a different putter!!  You guys have me for life!!!
    (Posted on 11/13/2019)

    Confidence building
    Review by Dec
    Originally went into a local sports shop looking to try the ER5 Mallet.
    I've been struggling with putting for years and having recently bought a Toulon and a Spider X in search of ANY putter that would help found myself still struggling for feel and control. Before this, I've had 3 other Odyssey putters and a Scotty Cameron Newport over the years. ALL had a "hit and hope" worry with them.
    Yes, my technique is the main reason for my putting woes and flaws are present. I get that. I already identified that my strike doesn't always come out of the centre of the putter face so consistency will suffer. I read about the Evnroll grooves and how they help to keep the ball straight and consistent with distance so I thought I'd try them and I'm so glad I did.
    I tried the ER5 in the shop and didn't get on with it for distance then found myself attracted to the ER2 for some reason (its a beauty). Bingo! Putts started rolling in. I tried the other models and some other brands to be sure too but kept finding myself going back to the ER2. The only thing the store didn't have were models fitted with the Envroll Gravity Grip. I know myself that my under pressure miss is a pull so decided to risk ordering one with one of these having read and watched the MyGolfSpy reviews that I found when searching for reviews and info.
    I honestly can't believe the almost instant success of this combination. For the first time (probably ever) I can feel my putting confidence lifting. My playing partners who usually make me putt everything outside 2 feet were giving me putts by the 10th hole from 3-4ft. My transformation was that quick. The guys were asking for a shot of the putter at times too.
    Yes, I still made a few over/bad reads but turned what could have been (and were in the past) 3 putts into 2 almost immediately. It's early days but this is honestly the 1st time in my golfing life that I am looking forward to reaching the green. Yes, my old nerves are still lurking but with each holed putt they are easing.
    I'd recommend giving Evnroll a try to anyone that is struggling with confidence on the greens.
    (Posted on 9/16/2019)

    Review by Trumpster
    Just bought this putter. Just love it. Putts where you aim it.
    (Posted on 7/29/2019)

    Fantastic Putter
    Review by Laz-Andres Mesa
    I was looking for quite a while for the right putter. I tried out a Scotty, Ping, Taylormade etc, but I kept coming back to this one. I went to the pro shop everyday to try and retry the Evnroll ER2 and finally pulled the trigger.
    This putter dropped my handicap my 7 points. Nothing but straight shots and nice and easy rolls. Loyal customer now.
    Vienna, Austria
    (Posted on 7/29/2019)
    Best putter ever
    Review by Dcraig
    I’m known as a good putter among the people with whom I play but almost everyone has noticed how many more putts I’m sinking with this ER2. I tried it on two different occasions at one of the golf superstores and then read about it on the website. After finally taking the “plunge” I’ve sold my other putters on eBay including my favorite Scotty and never looked back. I’ve probably owned 20 different putters but this one feels like it will be in the bag forever. Thank you Evnroll!
    (Posted on 5/28/2019)

    Review by Hunter
    Been using Scotty’s in the bag for over 4 years and hit a hump where I was not feeling confident. Went out and bought this bad boy and it is incredible. Feels better than any Scotty blade and for me the two dots on top of the head really help with proper alignment
    (Posted on 5/25/2019)
    The Most Important Golf Purchase I’ve Ever Made
    Review by Irish Drop
    As a person who has cycled through putters looking for “the one” I’ve finally found it. Never been a bad putter but had a tendency to get yippy inside 6-8 feet. The look from above and the distribution of weight gives me the confidence to make an aggressive stroke. This one’s in the bag to stay!
    (Posted on 3/20/2019)

    I'll take it
    Review by pardiedanser
    Arrived at my clubs 36 hole winter champs without my scotty >.< Loaned someone's er2 from the proshop and was blown away with how much better it rolls the ball, and how easy it was to control distance - close putts are still up to me to not flinch though :/
    I'm not one to waste money on clubs, and definitely prescribe to the indian not the arrow philosophy, but I couldn't deny how much better this was. Luckily the club I loaned was being sold, and I picked up an almost new er2 for half the price :) Happy to add another positive review to the list here!
    (Posted on 8/9/2018)

    Amazing putter
    Review by golfguy94
    Bought this a couple of weeks ago. I've been able to play a few rounds with it so far, and practice with it quite a bit so far. The putter just rolls the ball very well and cleanly. Center hits are so smooth sounding and rolling. I've hit a few putts on other areas just to see how it compared to the data mygolfspy found. I have to say that my results were the same, even on hits that are off center the ball still rolls well and goes a good distance as well. I highly recommend getting one these putters, rolls the ball better than the scotty cameron I used to have.
    (Posted on 6/2/2018)

    Can recommend the Evnroll ER2
    Review by HomerDave
    After playing with an Odyssey 1w for about a year I went in search of a putter that gave me better distance control and still gave me great feel. Have always played Odyssey and Ping putters over my life. Over the past year I have trialed a Ping Kushin, Scotty Cameron Squareback, and now the Evnroll ER2.
    All of these are great putters with very similar set up and design. I have always liked that wider flange blade look. Probably comes down to personal taste and what visually looks best and the type of sound and feel when hitting the ball. All of these have similar toe hang and if set up with the same length, lie and loft should putt very much the same.
    I wanted the Scotty Cameron to be the winner but after giving the ER2 a few rounds it has clearly proved to be the choice for me. I got the 33 inch, 385 gram version. Love the feel and balance of the putter, finish is great, sound and feel of the hit suits me. Honestly look better than the pictures.
    I have found my distance control has improved but can't honestly detect any gear effect that is talked about. As I said you should be able to putt with any of these top line putters and long as you get one that fits you. But I would definitely include the Evnroll ER2 in this group of the best putters out there. It was my clear choice.
    I am an 8 handicap.
    (Posted on 5/28/2018)

    I’m a long time Scotty Cameron collector...but the ER2 Replaced my Scotty Cameron’s in my bag!!!
    Review by Hillendale CC
    I am a 8 HCP and mist admit I have a putter problem. I have been a long time player and collector of Scotty Cameron putters. I have gamed just about every model Scotty makes, searching for THE one and never quite found it (Newport 2, 2.5, Napa, Del Mar, M5 Futura, Coranado, Button back, 009 and the JAT). I Happend to notice the EVNROLL in a couple bags of the pros I watch on YouTube, and watched a couple demo reviews and decided on a whim to buy one and test it for my self. WHOA! Best putter I have put in my hands...incredible feel, brilliant look and design, and the roll you get even with off center hits is absolutely noticeable. I recorded my best round at my home club the first time I put this in the bag, and it hasn’t left! If you are even slightly considering the ER2, BUY IT! You will not be disappointed, and your score will thank you! I get asked about the ER2 just about every time I’m on the course. It’s beautiful, and as soon as someone tries it, they become a believer. I’ve seen 3 more at the club since! I would definitely buy another EVNROLL, I just don’t if I’ll ever take this one out of my bag. Well done EVNROLL! Truly an elite product! Keep your eyes out on tour for these guys!
    (Posted on 5/12/2018)

    The STICK!
    Review by Marty
    Instantly inspires confidence as it sits at address. Chamfering on both heel and toe create the illusion of a toe-in, again inspiring confidence. I got the 33" model, weight is perfect. Any misses and I know it is me and not the club. I dropped 2 strokes from my HC after the first month. Highly recomended.
    Only problem... Gosh, I wonder how the other models feel...
    (Posted on 4/20/2018)

    ER2 is a 3 Putt Annihilator
    Review by @frankiesaysbhpy
    The finish and quality of this putter is absolutely superb. It looks better in person than it does in pictures. Most impressive thing about the ER2 is the distance control. Mishit putts roll out like no putter I have ever used before. You can tell when you hit the heel or toe and when that happens you instinctively think “oh darn” that’s going to be 6 feet short - but somehow the ball ends up close enough to the hole it’s hard to believe. MyGolfSpy were spot on when giving this putter the gold medal when tearing it against 22 other blade putters. If you, like me, are not close to a fitter you can call customer service and they will walk you through picking a putter that works for you and your game.
    (Posted on 3/2/2018)

    best I've ever putted
    Review by Will
    I bought this on a whim after reading about it at Mygolfspy and I honestly didn't think it would probably make any difference but was in the mood for some new golf kit. Wow it totally change my putting I've gone from being an average to poor putter to one of the best putters amongst my friends, it's now the strongest part of my game.
    (Posted on 2/21/2018)

    Best Putter in the Market
    Review by Putterman
    I have been struggling with my putting for years which is many decades. I have tried just about every putter in the market. Inexpensive and expensive. I might have the largest putter collection in Northern California.
    One day while attempting to find the solution to my putting woes I stumble upon the ER 2. It not only solved my problems but have become my best friend. In almost a year it has never let me down and is always in my bag. In the past putters would come and go within 6 months of the purchase. BTW I am a single digit golfer if your wondering.
    The craftsmanship is second to none.
    My new friend and I hope to continue our relationship for many years. Thanks Evnroll for great engineering. You have saved many dollars for me.
    (Posted on 2/5/2018)

    Awesome feel and distance control.
    Review by SD64
    Got custom fit at 3 degrees flat. (33 inches). Quality and finish are terrific. Love the fat Winn stock grip (1.2 inches) just the right size. Averaged 1.81 putts per hole for 21 rounds in 2017, by far my best putting ever. Justin at customer care was great.
    (Posted on 1/13/2018)

    Review by Susan
    Picked up an open box ER1 already saw improvement in my putts vs Odyssey O-Works 2 Ball and Bettinardi Queen B #9. Then visited Carlsbad and had a fitting with Justin, switched to the ER2. Already have the confidence with the ER1, with the ER2, it's that much better. Great putter indeed.
    (Posted on 12/26/2017)

    Review by PARBOB
    (Posted on 12/14/2017)

    great putter!!!
    Review by phil
    I tried the er1 and found it not to my liking, I would strongly recommend getting fitted or at least try one out extensively before buying, they can be heavy and there are many variations you can purchase to suit your game.
    Once I found the length and weight that was good for me, 34” er 2 with 355 head, I was sold. These putters roll the ball quite well, distance control is 2nd to none, the feel and sound isn’t quite what I expected, but it’s tough to disregard the results.
    Customer Service is excellent, it’s nice to find a company that cares about you and will work to find what your looking for, very rare these days.
    (Posted on 12/10/2017)

    Review by Machine
    It has the best feel or any putter I have used and the tech is real. Slight mishits still end up in and around the hole. I can't tell you how many times I've made a bad stroke and been told great putt. I can't see myself ever changing to another putter.
    (Posted on 11/14/2017)

    Couldnt be happier
    Review by Kyle
    After demoing the ER2 at least six times at the PGASS i finally got fit, and bought the ER2. From my very first putt i was incredibly happy. My putts are going exactly where I want them, and im already saving strokes!
    (Posted on 11/9/2017)

    It's magic
    Review by Dr No Leak
    So far, 3 rounds and no three putts. My lag putting is much better. Also making more 6-10 foot putts. Just ordered a second one to keep for practice at home. I had a good synthetic putting green installed in my garage. With the aid of a Putting Arc T3, I made 62 6 footers in a row before missing.
    (Posted on 11/7/2017)

    Saving 4/5 shots a round
    Review by Graham Smith
    Amazing putter! So forgiving iv genuinely taken 4/5 putts off my rounds on average. You can even improve on perfection. Remove the paint on the putter face infills (better face/Ball interaction) paint infill the 2 sight dots on top (Red) to help them stand out and add a line of 19mm black electrical tape on the middle of the blade to help square the putter to the ball. Can’t recommend highly enough!
    (Posted on 10/14/2017)

    Best putter I have ever held in my hands.
    Review by Ace
    I've always been a good if not really good putter, used the Nubbins B3 for years and made a lot of 10 to 20 putts, struggled at times on the shorter putts. The ER 1 has made practicing fun and given me so much confidence on all putts on the course. Just qualified for and played in the US senior amateur, would not have made it without the ER 1 !!!
    (Posted on 10/12/2017)

    Best putter ever made!
    Review by JungleBob
    Guerin Rife has really reached the pinnacle of putter design with Evnroll. The milled billet head rolls the ball like a butter ball on a Hot Wheels track. Thanks Guerin for the best putter ever!
    (Posted on 10/7/2017)

    The long search for my perfect putter is over.
    Review by JD
    I've played golf for 37 years, and in that time I have owned many putters. Several different models from Wilson, North Eastern, Ping, Odyssey, Never Compromise, Yes!, Rife, Nike, See More, TaylorMade and Titleist have all spent time as my gamers. Some for short stints, others for several seasons. All the while I felt the need to search for something better. In the ER2 I really feel like I have found it. When I saw that rated the ER2 as the "2017 Most Wanted Blade Putter" I decided to check it out. I tried all 8 EvnRoll models at a couple different golf stores and in the end I felt that the ER2 looked the best to my eye, felt fantastic to swing in my hands and most important of all, it rolled the ball the best for me. I have gamed a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 1.5 for the last several seasons and the ER2 instantly knocked it out of my bag. Early success has bred confidence and over the last few months my putting has improved by at least a few strokes a round. The putter lives up to the claims. The groove design gives it a huge sweet spot, where heel and toe misses roll out nearly as far and straight as a center strike. My only complaint is that I'm not a fan of the stock head cover, but I just replaced it w/ a Sun Mountain black leather model. I don't usually write product reviews, but in this case I felt I should. I am a big fan of my ER2.
    (Posted on 9/28/2017)

    rolls the rock!
    Review by brainsagolfer
    The ball jumps off this putter face- but just the right amount. I had a ping TR, and found speed control on longer putts to be a problem. This putter just wants to get the ball in tap in range. I like the ER2 so much, i am going to PGASS to test the mallet designs- think i will start a collection!
    (Posted on 9/24/2017)

    ER2 is in the bag!
    Review by Peter
    I was gaming a Ping Ketsch (first addition) and making my fair share of putts. As an avid reader, I was intrigued by the ER2's winning of the Best Blade Putter and had to give one a try. Unfortunately EVNROLL distribution hasn't made it to Kansas City yet, so I contacted Justin and asked if I could purchase both the ER2 and ER8 to see which one was a better fit. The ER2 seems to have more toe overhang than the ER8 which is a better fit for my strong arc putting stroke and it has replaced my Ketsch in the bag. Justin then set up for the smooth return of the ER8. Thanks and good luck!
    (Posted on 9/18/2017)

    ER2 Best putter
    Review by Shank
    I am a putter addict. I have more than 30 putters at my home. I believe based on performance and feel of the ER2 Everoll putter my days of shopping for the magic putter are over. This putter performs it does everything they have claimed. It will stay in my bag for many years to come. The ER2 is saving me money and time.
    (Posted on 8/31/2017)

    Insanely great putter!
    Review by Parski
    The roll this putter puts on the ball is amazing. I've been a Scotty fan for years, but this is simply a better stick than my Newports or Futuras.
    (Posted on 7/30/2017)

    delivers as advertised
    Review by pccsandbagger
    Real deal of putter. First time out, new course, no practice and birdied two of four first holes (I am a 10 handicap). Partners remarked how well I putted all day. Solid feel and puts a good roll on the ball.
     Highly recommmended
    (Posted on 7/24/2017)

    Just buy it
    Review by 10 Handicap
    Best putter I have ever used hands down. This will be the best purchase you've made in a very long time. I can't tell you how many bad putts I have watched go in the hole.
    (Posted on 5/11/2017)

    Review by Brisvegas12
    Went on holiday to Honolulu recently and picked up an Er2. Can't buy them in Australia. Been playing Odyssey/Scott Camerons for the last 15 years. The roll, the balance the feel. Last three rounds have averaged 30 putts, prior I was 35-36. Cheap compared to what we pay for drivers. I did have a putting lesson, which also may have helped :-), but overall this putter is fantastic and fills me with confidence when standing over putts. I think this will be in my bag for quite some time.
    (Posted on 5/8/2017)

    No better putter exists
    Review by tomhars
    After reading a MGS review last year I purchased my ER2. I have always been partial to blade putters and this looked like a great choice. Having now had the putter for over 20 rounds, I can truly say it is the best. The consistency and roll off this club is simply amazing. I now have confidence in every putt I line up inside of 12 feet. When I miss, it is generally because I misread the green because the ball almost always goes where I have aimed. Lots of people spend $500 on a driver that they hit maybe 12 to 14 times a round and shy away from a $350 putter that is used on almost every hole and will have a greater chance of improving their game. Thanks again for making an instrument of beauty that makes such a difference in my game!
    (Posted on 5/4/2017)

    Wicked good
    Review by Caddie 
    First round with my ER2. getting used to softer face but drained 10 ft birdie putt, all day putts rolled true and right on line. This is a great putter. Once I dial in the feel it's gonna be money in the bank. Will pay for itself by end of summer!
    (Posted on 5/3/2017)

    New Gamer
    Review by Grant
    I have been using a Scotty for years now...I wanted to find something that gave me the same confidence standing over my putts...I received my putter a few weeks ago...I am very pleased with the quality and performance it gave me...dropped 3-5 putts per round off my game...Thanks guys
    (Posted on 5/2/2017)

    Greatest feeling putter on the market
    Review by Rob
    I have had a challenge finding a putter that I truly enjoyed the feel and was confident in the result of putter. My search is over. This is the best feeling putter with amazing results. Being left handed, I was thrilled to find this putter in LH.
    (Posted on 4/23/2017)

    Great Feel
    Review by Swing
    Just got this putter. One best feeling Putter's I have ever tried. Very nice looking as well
    (Posted on 4/17/2017)

    Best of the Best
    Review by Scratch Golfer
    It's the absolutely best putter I've ever played. Perfectly balanced and as precise as a sniper rifle. Perfect classy look and just everything, including the head cover, are manufactured in a perfect quality. Worth every single buck...
    (Posted on 4/15/2017)

    Awesome feel.
    Review by Lefty
    I don't actually own one yet, but when I do get one, I think I might enjoy it.
    (Posted on 4/11/2017)

    Pure Class!
    Review by Dave Noll
    The looks,feel, and workmanship on this putter is second to none. Absolutely flawless. And the best part was dealing with Steve and Travis made getting a new Left Hand version of the ER2 quick and easy. Thank you Evnroll!!
    (Posted on 2/26/2017)

    Delivers on the hype.
    Review by Paradigm29
    Played my first two rounds after getting the ER2 as a gift. Sets up well, easy to aim and great feel. The promise of more consistent speed control was very true for me. I had 7 one putts on my second 18 holes. Crazy good from inside 10 feet.
    (Posted on 2/14/2017)

    First in Ukraine
    Review by Alex
    Finally, I received my ER2 35” in Kiev. Was tracking his way from California to Delaware, then flight over Atlantic and route by Europe. After 13 days of waiting I have it in my hands. Superb putter. Grate filling. Really rolls even. Tested on 2,5 m. putting green in my office. 10/10!!! I couldn’t believe. Before ordering without testing, was a bit afraid that information in internet is just a part of marketing company. But it works!! Looking forward to try it on a real green in 3 weeks on Carya and National courses in Belek, Turkey during Ukrainian Winter Golf Cup 2017. Convinced, Evnroll deserved be awarded as best putter at 2017 PGA SHOW. Surprised that Tyson Lamb was chosen. Special thanks to Travis Escalera for grate organization and support with ordering.
    (Posted on 2/2/2017)

    Superb Control
    Review by Sporty Cat
    I am a NCAA Divsion 1 College player, +2 HCP, as a relatively short person, I always cut my putters down to around 30 or 31 inches, which plays havoc with the weighting of the putter. Evnroll fitted the putter with a lightweight grip, and I would say it is the best fit I have had from any putter, previously I have used Ping, Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, but the EV 2 by far gives the best control in distance and alignment of putts, especially after using the small dots on the head which help you to align up the L-R and R-L putts. I would say it has definitely taken a shot or two off the scorecard, perhaps more importantly the putter has instilled a greater confidence in making the putts.
    (Posted on 2/1/2017)

    Review by JMac
    I've played golf for a long time and love information and innovation. This is finally the best putter I've used. Great feel, consistent distance contro and great roll. If you aren't using an Evnroll you're wasting two+ shots a round.
    (Posted on 1/27/2017)

    Everything they say, it does!
    Review by Millad Salehivand
    First of all, my relationship towards putting has been fragile at best. Without a doubt it is the weakest aspect of my game. I´ve employed Scotty´s, Ody´s, Ping´s and what have you. But in all honesty nothing compares to the ER2.
     I ordered the 34" sight unseen just by watching some reviews on youtube. Being a fan of Mr Rife previously you could tell by the way he was discussing the tech behind the face that that it would be a solid product. So I placed the order. I took about a week for it to arrive to Madrid where I live and after customs released it from holding (additional two days) I finally had my hands on it!
     The first thing that sets it completely apart from most high end putters is the balanced feel it has. It´slightly on the heavier side, something that I absolutely love. I remember the first and only time I was fit for a putter two years ago, and it took the technician 30 mins to get the weighting correct on my Scotty GoLo. The ER2 felt great for me right off the bat but take a closer look at the weight per inches that they show on the website. Especially if you´re used to lighter putters.
     The finish on the club is absolutely gorgeous. It has a beautifully milled face even outside of the variable width grooves. And the two alignment dots just frame the white setup line beautifully. Making addressing the ball as easy as with any putter.
     I play of 3.8. I know for a fact that if I get my 3-putts under control I can shot consistently in the low 70's which is what I´m aiming for this coming season.
     With the way the ball rolls of the club face, the confidence it exudes and the "gearing effect" it has with the grooves, I´ve found myself longing to be on the green instead of the fairway.
    Thanks for everything guys!
    (Posted on 1/25/2017)

    Quality, Tech, Balance, True roll, Great Feedback
    Review by Brandon
    I'm a +1 golfer of 36 years, and I've seen and played pretty much everything. I read all of the reviews and saw the test on MyGolfSpy and thought to myself, hmmmm... I, like many others have a few Scotty's at home and in the bag, along with some Taylormade mallets that I switch back in forth with from time to time when I want some technology and balance as opposed to my Scotty's which are mostly feel and looks, but by no means make it any easier to hit the ball in the hole. I called EvnRoll to schedule an appointment, and Travis was super helpful and got me in with no problem last Thursday.
     I came down around 10 a.m. and spent the first hour with Travis on fitting me into the perfect putter for my game and stroke. After deciding on the ER2 as my best fit, Guerin Rife himself came in and spent about an hour and a half talking to me and custom building my putter to fit me to perfection. He even offered to fit my Scotty to me which was in my truck, but I turned that down out of respect to Mr, Rife and his product. Plus I knew that I wasn't going to go back to my Scotty after this fitting and finding a putter that is truly light years ahead of my Scotty in terms of rolling the ball, balance, and dispersion. I've been making more putts in the last week on the putting green than I ever have prior with other putters. The technology is real, the ball goes the same distance regardless of where you hit it on the face. I hit the center of the face more than most and Guerin gave me his special putter with the weights on the face to see how many you can hit on the center, and I was able to do it 6 out of 10 times which is the new record he said. 3 was the record prior to that. That being said, we all need help on mishits and this putter rolls the ball true and the same distance every time. AMAZING.... Go buy one, you won't regret it...
    (Posted on 1/18/2017)

    Replaced my Scotty Cameron!!
    Review by Jay
    I have used Scotty Cameron putters since 2001. No more. My EVNROLL ER2 has replaced my Scotty Cameron Newport M1. Thanks much!!
    (Posted on 1/13/2017)

    Dumped my scotty for this, never going back
    Review by JohnO
    Wow this is great! Roll is true and since I have been keeping track has decreased my putts per round by 3.5. Maybe people should be paying attention to putter tech as much as the woods......
    (Posted on 1/10/2017)

    Great feel and roll
    Review by MikekiM
    Picked this up after testing several putters. Scheduled my appointment at their headquarters and the service was excellent. Spent about an hour with Travis testing several different models. Setting up different lie angles and lofts to dial in the putter perfectly. Very happy with the putter and it rolls so much better than anything I've used since.
    (Posted on 1/7/2017)

    pleasant surprise
    Review by jan
    Since there is no dealer yet in The Netherlands it was a gamble when bought the putter on the internet without ever testing it. But boy am I glad I did. This is the first putter I am confident with. No more left pulls on short putts and the longer puts if not holed are now tap in two putts. The distance control on longer putts is great and the stability on short putts prevents me pulling. If you have not tried this putter you should give it a go.
    (Posted on 12/20/2016)

    Great feel .
    Review by Jimmy Bogey 
    I tried it out at a local PGA store after seeing a R.Shiels YouTube video on how he loves this putter . It did not disappoint . My first 2 15' putts in store were center cup . Probably hit at least 50 balls and just about all my misses were cup high and the grouping was insane . Only one round on course with it and real good results so far .I'm not ashamed to admit I 3 putt way to many times a round but with this putter I didn't 3 putt once . I'll take it !
    (Posted on 12/2/2016)

    Review by Jacko
    Best feeling putter I've ever owned, I went from a Scotty to this and I haven't thought about changing !!!!
    (Posted on 11/7/2016)

    Right up there with the bigger ones
    Review by Rune
    Fantastic feel in this putter, reminds me of the feel from Bettinardi Queen B - which in fact can feel to soft sometimes. Amazed by the consistancy, especially from toe/heel strikes. Like the grip as well - maybe a tad to big, would love it if you could choose size when ordering.
    (Posted on 10/28/2016)

    ER2 - best putter I have ever used, period.
    Review by Todd V
    I was missing greens, chipping to 8-10 feet and simply burying the putts for par. This putter rolls the ball so true and distance control is automatic with a solid putting stroke. I own a couple of putters that are the names you would recognize immediately, expensive putters, the EVNRoll putter is hands down better. I can't say more than that, try one for yourself, unless you are competing against me, then stick with your current putter...... :-)
    (Posted on 10/25/2016)

    Replaced my Ketsch!
    Review by JimG
    Own many putters and have been primarily a Ping user. Best putter I have ever owned for feel and distance control. 5 foot putts are almost automatic. Don't buy a putter without trying one of these. I love the feel and the results. In three rounds I have taken four strokes off my score!
    (Posted on 9/27/2016)

    Review by kev
    I have been through lot,s of putter,s, looking for a putter i feel confident with , then i read about EVNROLL putter,s and thought i would try the TR 2 model, WOW is what i said when i hit my first putt with the TR 2 , i hit a 10 foot putt and the ball started right of the pin and then seemed to zero in toward,s the hole , from close range it,s really top class , i have used all the ( BIG ) name,s TAYLOMADE, NIKE , PING, MIZUNO, ALL OF THEM !! if you want to putt well and get confident with putting BUY A EVNROLL PUTTER !! the money you pay for the putter you will get back of your golf buddie,s when you destroy them on the green !! i will not need a putter for a very long time , Thank,s EVROLL !! REGARD,S KEVIN.
    (Posted on 9/19/2016)

    Fantastic!!! Only 5 stars
    Review by JerryA
    I must have 412K putters in my stable, so it takes a lot to impress me with something new. What Guerin has done with these new putters is beyond belief. It's brought true feel back to putting. Let's be clear here, I prefer a non-insert putter that is responsive and the new line delivers. I've swung over from an extremely heel shafted putter to this single bend shaft and wide body blade. Love the additional weight in it too. 385 grams? Beefy. Thanks Guerin
    (Posted on 8/23/2016)

    Best Putter I have used
    Review by Chris Jordan
    So someone posted yesterday about having lucked into meeting Guerin Rife at a PGA Tour Superstore in Atlanta. Well that immediately sparked my interest, being the former owner of a putter company I wanted to try and get out to meet him. So there were a few exchanges via the thread and a call to the PGA Superstore in Kennesaw and off I went.
     I spoke to one of the PGA SS Employees and asked if they could get a message to Guerin that I wanted to come by, get fit and talk to him about his putters. They did and at 4:10pm I showed up and away we went.
     The very first thing that you notice about Guerin is how approachable, genuinely nice, and fired up about his putters he is. at no point did he talk over me, he let me ask tons of questions and I received all of the answers and he even let me in on some info I did not know. So then it was off to testing his putters.
     If you check out the website you can see all four of the models they currently sell and he had multiples of each there with him. He also had a prototype Mallet(similar to the Barbados) and a blade that was similar to an extended B60 putter as well. As these were the only two in existence I only hit a few putts with each of them since I knew I would not get my grubby little hands on one of them to take home.
     We tried each of the putters and I eventually narrowed it down to the two more blade looking models. For some reason my stance changed every time I put a mallet in my hand and he had to increase the loft on them. The use of the roll board helped two fold.
     1. It helped determine where I was aiming the putter, you can see all of the contact the ball makes with the roll board.
     2. You could see the "launch" of the putter and then when it started to roll. Too little loft and you could immediately tell the ball wold have dug into the ground, two much and you can see the ball as it skips across the roll board.
     Once we finally took my putter (ER2) off the shelf we then tested it and Guerin set about bending it himself to get the lie angle and the loft exactly right. I also paid close attention and hit some balls off of the heel and some off of the toe side of the grooves to see the differences.
     Two major things I noticed......
     1. The grooves no matter where the ball is struck make a huge impact on the ball rolling more quickly.
     2. The grooves did make a difference on distance control.
     I tried a major manufacturer with an very similar headstyle. These heads have an aluminum insert. I could see the ball skip through the end of the roll board, no matter how we moved it around. I also noticed that with the other putter hitting the ball a little on the toe or heel caused a bigger difference in how far the ball traveled.
     So funny enough a former owner of a putter company is no longer rolling one of his own putters, he is now the proud owner of an EVNROLL ER2 with a headcover signed by Guerin Rife.
    (Posted on 8/18/2016)

    Truest rolling ever
    Review by MonteM
    I have been around golf on every level from junior, amateur and professional level, I have tried every putter known to mankind and none can compare to the roll the Evnroll putters give. Guerin has given his life to making the best putter possible. Their is not a putter that rolls truer or hugs the ground better then the Evnroll putter. Congrats Guerin you have created putters that truly WORK. THANKS
    (Posted on 7/15/2016)

    Review by Reeve whitson
    I've used a yes putter for years and nothing could get me off it I loved it but then I was introduced to evnroll and Immediatly loved the look and feel. As a professional golfer feel is everything when it comes to a putter and the feedback from the strike of the face is exactly what I look for In a putter. Been using my ER2 a few weeks now and love it
    (Posted on 7/1/2016)

    Review by TJ
    Had a custom fitting with Guerin the other day for a new ER2 and it could not roll any better! This putter is ridiculously forgiving yet maintains the professional feel for the best players. Would recommend to all skill levels.
    (Posted on 6/28/2016)

    Smooth roll time after time
    Review by JoeP
    I started using the ER2 around 6 weeks ago and it has really helped me improve my putting consistency.
     its much more reliable on distance putts with consistent roll out . Helped me build a lot of confidence on short putts that the ball will roll end over end
     Definitely worth a try if you are looking for a new putter to build confidence
    (Posted on 6/26/2016)

    Style and substance
    Review by Trust
    I've been playing golf for 30 years and have been unable to find a putter with clean lines/looks and good technology. The putters with high MOI and other technological benefits all looked like spaceships. The nice looking putters such as Scotty Cameron's never performed well for me. After learning about the Evnroll technology then seeing the beautiful, clean looks of the putters I finally found a potential putter. After using it for a month the technology is real. The variable width groove technology gives me more consistent distance control and reduced dispersion. My putter quest is complete, now I need solve the last piece of the equipment puzzle, find a good 3 wood.
    (Posted on 6/21/2016)

    Hesitant at first but thankful for taking plunge
    Review by Gootch
    Played with Kyle Cullum, owner of No Bogeys Golf in Laguna Niguel, Ca, and he was playing with the ER2 Mid Blade. He was rolling in everything with it! So of course I asked to try it. He explained basic premise behind design, said to check out website and provided a loaner to try at home. Purposely hit balls all across the face and they all finished right by each other, amazing! To my friends I am known as being a "thrifty" person so naturally I was hesitant to pull the trigger. But my respect for Mr. Rife's previous work, my desire to become a better putter and my initial results made it a no-brainier! I'm so glad I took the plunge!!!
     Update: played with it the next day and putted great! Instilled so much confidence in my putting that in inspired the rest of my game! Thanks, EVNROLL
    (Posted on 6/10/2016)

    Clean Look - Smooth Roll
    Review by Reynman
    This shape is really taking off in the the golfing world...Was happy when I got the putter because it retains that fat look...too many makers take the traditional blade length and add a fat back. Look is easy on the eyes and frames the ball well. Roll is soft but crisp...G sure knows what he is doing with grooves (the master)!
     In a world of putters that feels like the 3 bears (Too hard, too soft), this one is just right!
    (Posted on 5/3/2016)

    Great balance, sweet feel
    Review by Up'n down Bill
    Tries this today at my local pro shop. I have many putters, down to two gamers, both Piretti's, but as soon as I picked up this putter the balance and looks grabbed me, so much so that my wallet almost came out immediately.
     Good feel of the face, daft but still has a little click at impact with a pro V1.
     You need to be able to release the toe a little with this one but it worked for me on the mat. Going to try it on the putting green next week, already looking forward to a new toy in the bag!!
    (Posted on 4/24/2016)
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