ER3 Wing Blade

Der Testsieger - "Most Wanted Blade Putter 2018"!


Ein Putter im Half-Blade-Design mit den revolutionären Evnroll Rillen (Grooves) für gerade Putts und praktisch identischen Roll, auch bei nicht mittig getroffenen Bällen.


Der ER3 punktet mit einer stärkeren Gewichtskonzentration in Richtung der hinteren Ferse und Spitze. An der Hinterkante findet sich ein "weggeschnittenes V", welches dem ER3 sein Gesicht gibt. Dadurch wird die Masse aus der Mitte des Kopfes entfernt, was mehr Gewicht auf der hinteren Ferse und Spitze für erhöhte Stabilität ermöglicht.


Hier findest Du ein 360° Modell des Evnroll ER3 Wing Blade (einfach den Link anklicken, es öffnet sich ein neues Fenster).


Konform mit den Regeln der R&A und USGA und somit turnierzugelassen.


Für Rechtshänder erhältlich.


Versandkostenfreie Lieferung nach Deutschland und Österreich.

  • Details

    • Entwickelt und hergestellt in Carlsbad, Kalifornien, USA
    • Putterkopf aus 303 Stainless Steel
    • Farbe: Silber Satin Finish
    • Länge und Kopfgewicht: 35"@355g, 34”@370g, 33”@370g
    • Loft: 2 Grad
    • Liewinkel: 70 Grad

    • Balance: 25 Grad "Toe Down"
    • Evnroll Puttergriff, Durchmesser ca. 3 cm

    • 117 Gramm schwerer Griff für "Counter Balance" Effekt (nur bei 34" und 35")

  • Sonderanpassungen

    Individuelle Anpassungen hinsichtlich Schaftlänge, Griff, Loft und Lie sind bei diesem Artikel gegen Aufpreis möglich. Wir empfehlen hierzu den Besuch bei einem unserer Evnroll Stützpunkthänder. Alternativ kannst Du hier im Webshop über den Artikel Customize Optionen Deinen angepassten Evnroll Putter direkt bestellen.

  • Bewertungen

    ER3 with Gravity Grip is Phenomenal
    Review by Tom D. Stars
    Once I replaced the standard Evnroll grip that came on my ER3 putter with the Gravity Grip, it moved it from a terrific putter to a phenomenal putting device!
    (Posted on 7/18/2019)

    Replaced my Scotty Cameron!
    Review by Drmuskie
    After seeing My Golf Spy’s test results, I drove 150 miles to see and feel the new ER3 last year. It made a huge difference in my putting! Hard to compare with anything else. I’m a 15, so “one putt saves” for pars are a huge factor for me...
    (Posted on 3/28/2019)

    If you want a “true” performer, look no further
    Review by Catman
    I was fitted for this gem by a knowledgeable fitter at one of the big box stores. Took it out to the course and WOW did it do the job. It got the ball rolling so true and distance control was unbelievable. I have putted with almost all the putters out there and this Evnroll is the real deal. Don’t waste your time and money on anything else! Buy it now, you will not regret it.
    (Posted on 8/18/2018)


    This putter definitely feels much more balanced and easier to hit.
    Review by BillN


    Rolls are pure dead on. I thought I loved my Scotty Cameron M2. But this ER3 putter will be loved much more. Lol!
    (Posted on 5/17/2018)

    Review by Brown dude 54


    I've had many putters over the years some I've liked and some that just we're not for me. A few years ago I found the Yes Donna which suited my style of putting down to a tee. At last I thought I've found a putter that's just made for my game, that was until I tried the Evnroll E3 at a trade show. Similar in style to the Donna it suited my eye, but what made it so different was the amazing amount of roll coupled with the beautiful feel and balance. It's in my bag about a year now and to see My Golf Spy selecting it as the number one putter of 2018 just confirms I made the right choice.
    (Posted on 5/10/2018)

    Best Roll Ever
    Review by Ryan


    I have played between a 1-5 for 20 years. Have putted with a ton of different putters during that time. Nothing rolls the ball better than EVNROLL. Not even close.
    (Posted on 5/9/2018)

    Like Butta...
    Review by Yippy


    I played this this little baby the other day and I'm pretty sure it allows you to legally cheat (is that a thing?). Made me feel better than I am and produced results. Wicked smooth and solid. Felt like an extension of my arm. The sound is satisfying like moms meatloaf. Bucket-list putter for sure.
    (Posted on 4/26/2018)

    Review by DannyB


    Could be happier. Smooth roll ... even “thin” ones tend to make it to the hole.
    (Posted on 4/14/2018)


    Game changer
    Review by Greg
    I rolled a couple at the PGA superstore and it was lights out. The Heavier head on the 33in felt real solid. It takes my hands out of the equation. My trouble has always been getting putts on line versus alignment. I changed nothing on my stroke and grip. A few months after that PGA superstore trip I pulled the trigger and bought it. No joke, later that day on the first hole I dropped a 15 footer on the first hole for birdie. In the 8 rounds that I've had this putter I've literally shaved off 4-5 putts per round. I'm a 4 handi and putting has always held me back. Those days are finally over and the bettinardi that I've had for 10 years is done. I highly recommend!!
    (Posted on 6/15/2017)


    It really works!
    Review by Dave
    I am alway very sceptical when it come to innovation in golf equipment. But after making a few puts with the ER3, I noticed this is a different putter. Then I went to an indoor putting area and compared the ER3 with several putters from different brands. I putted from the toe, heel and centre of all putters. Evnroll made a big difference, more than I anticipated. The Evnroll ER3 is in my bag from that day.
    (Posted on 4/15/2017)


  • UPC/EAN/Barcode

    Der Universal Product Code UPC (in Europa EAN) ist ein Strichcode, durch den Produkte im Einzelhandel gekennzeichnet werden.
    Das Evnroll Putter Modell ER3 WingBlade ist (je nach Schaftlänge und ggf. weiteren Optionen) mit einem der nachstehenden Barcodes versehen:


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